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 1/4 split 1/2 1/2 1 whole

T-Bone Steaks (per Pkg.)

Rib Steaks (per Pkg.)

Sirloin Steaks (per pkg.)
Sirloins are large and pkg only 1 or 2 in a pkg.

Round Steaks or Minute Steaks

Round Steaks
Round steaks usual packaged 1 or 2 only

Tenderized Minute Steaks

Steak Thickness

Roast(per Pkg.)
If you prefer not to have all the roast indicate this in the questions and comments.

Ground Beef

Ground Beef Patties
If more than 25 lbs. are needed please indicate in comment section.

Patties Size

How many lbs. of patties per pkg?

Soup Bones

Short Ribs




Comment / Questions
If you desire to have sausage made or other products not listed on this sheet please call us.


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