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 1/2 1 whole

Pork Loins

Pork Chops (Per Pkg.)

Fresh pork Shoulder
Pork steak or pork roast are cut from here.

Pork Steaks (how many per pack)

Roast Size
Round steaks usual packaged 1 or 2 only

Ham (Back Legs)
Smoked hams are fully cooked.

Ham Cut

Bacon or Side Pork
If you prefer not to have all the roast indicate this in the questions and comments.

Smoked Bacon Sliced

Pork spare ribs

Fresh Hocks

Smoked Hocks

Neck Bones (Soup Bones)

Pork Liver

Pork Tongue

Pork Heart

Pork Lard

Pork Trim
Meat that does not make a good pork cut or unwanted cut.
 Bratwurst Smoked Sausage Ground Pork Seasoned Ground pork

Bratwurst (If indicated)

Smoked Sausages (If indicated)

Ground Pork (If indicated)

Seasoned Ground Pork (If indicated)
All bulk is packed in 1# pkgs.

Comment / Questions
If you desire to have sausage made or other products not listed on this sheet please call us.


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